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Portesting Refrom

So here's the thing. It's easy to make fun of someone for a typo. Left of the Dialian DT, for instance, although an excellent writer, can rarely go more than five sentences without one, often with unintentionally hysterical results.  But, … Continue reading

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How It Began

Well…not quite. But how the end began. This here post from the great (aka hysterical and offensive) List of the Day is what sent Top Management into labor, she (we) was (were) laughing so hard. Honestly, for a few minutes, I … Continue reading

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Batman: Dark Tomorrow

So here’s something kinda groovy I just discovered this weekend: scenes from the video game I wrote about eight years ago. Have I mentioned that I love YouTube?  I wrote this in late 2000, although it took several years to … Continue reading

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Reading Is Fundamental

So I reckon most of us have seen this portion of the interview Sarah Palin did with Katie Couric a while back. But I, at least, hadn't seen this entire segment and, I have to admit, it changed my view … Continue reading

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Honesty in The Merchant of Venice

So. Here’s a paper I wrote for my graduate class last semester, Shakespeare and His Contemporaries. Basically, we’d read a play by a semi-obscure or even totally forgotten (as in Anonymous) renaissance playwright and one by Willy the Shake and … Continue reading

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Well, rock on. Who knew? vomitorium (vom-i-TOR-ee-uhm) noun, plural vomitoria A passageway to the rows of seats in a theater. [From Latin vomitorium, from vomere (to discharge).] I am SO going to use that the next time I go to … Continue reading

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Argh! You know what I hate? I hate when I invent something completely new, something which might actually change the world at least a little bit… …and someone else has already beat me to it. So I’m talkin to pal … Continue reading

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