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Now life is pain for you

I admit it, I loved KISS when I was in grade school. Peter Criss is the reason I took up the drums. I mean, what could possibly be cooler than a grown man wearing high heels and painting his face … Continue reading

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Stand by Me

So Rolling Stone did one of their big ol' lists recently. Because, I guess, they hadn't done one in almost two issues.  Not that I object. I love Top Whatever lists. Love 'em. Fun to make, fun to fight over, … Continue reading

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Better Than the Beatles

If not bigger. 

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Bleed the World

Now THIS is brilliant. 

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The Plateaux of Mirror

Left o’ the Dialian Ed sent this recently.  I found disturbing how well my Alaskan friend knows me, despite our never being closer than several thousand miles apart. Also disturbing is how closely Val’s wardrobe matches my own.   But in … Continue reading

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